6,000 FB Post Reach…with 10,000 in Our Sights

(Pic is of lovely Database Manager Colleen McGuinn whom I met at a Hawaiian luau….Random meeting in life? I never think these things are ‘random.’)

colleen mcguinnYep, we’re on a roll, which is pretty darned sweet, helping other achieve recognition for the good work they do.

This week, I went to Warwick Vets and Pilgrim where I met with high school students who will vie for cartoon/caricaturist position, to accompany my monthly Op-Ed’s in the Prov Journal.

That visit was productive and they’re emailing their work to me, as I write.

Hopefully, you of the public will soon see what this teacher has always known:  Schools are great compendiums of talent…Raw talent, for sure, but these kids are impressive. I just don’t think they should have to be age 21 (or a graduate of some higher-ed school) to have their work taken seriously. So I work to change that…

And, with our recent story on our Grandpa and the Truck site, we generated 6000 “Post Reach” connections and that’s thrilling.  I have every reason to believe we’ll go on to 10,000 but I have no real understanding of Google’s algorythmns (Did I spell this right?) I just know:  People hunger for wonderful, soul-enriching stories.

Finally, this AM, I was asked to speak at at Sacred Exchange Fellowship church, 75 Division St., Warwick, joining my former student who is now Pastor– Mike Caparrelli (this is his pic, with wife Christine.) caporrelli, mike and Cjristine

The topic?  Mourning and periods of bereavement (with losses of all kinds) and how those very low points in one’s life can become fertile grounds for serious growth. It’s a topic I believe in strongly….

Life continues to amaze.

Now, hit the following link for the story that’s creating quite a stir on the worldwide web. We’re at 6,000 “Post Reach” views and I don’t know where it’s going from here. It’s about how Grandpa and the Truck (creators)…a hospital data manager…and a trucker family all came together at a critical juncture on life’s journey.

Best in America–Again!

Asheville Makes the Cut Again!country bear jamboree outside greenlife grocery

It’s not surprising, for Paul and I chose it over a host of others and we spent years in the process, searching…searching…searching.

In fact, we traveled the entire eastern seaboard, checking out communities, most of which were dedicated to boating or golfing. Since we do neither, we eliminated those.

Oh, they were beautiful and offered seemingly endless amenities and they all had the quintessential guard shack to keep others out (as in ‘gated community,’) but we also knew that that same community could become insulated and homogeneous–not always good.

We were so concerned about coastal hurricanes, high taxes, and escalating insurance rates that we opted to go inland.

That brought us to the community of Asheville, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For 9 years we lived there, from early January to June of each year, making friends, doing volunteer work (I taught at the downtown women’s jail and he ferried the blood supply to Charlotte.)

In the end, we left.

Our reasons are some you may never have considered…..

But ‘consider’ you should, for moving one’s life to another entire region is no easy process.

In my book, “The Asheville Experiment” I show how we made the decision (apparently it was a good one since Forbes agrees with our pick), how we assimilated into that new land, and what ultimately drove us back.

What else will you or others get from my book? Useful information for anyone moving anywhere (even in-state.)

It’ll also be an interesting read for there’s lots of humor in it, as well.

Here’s the link of 2015’s “Best Retirement Towns in America.”

If you “subscribe” to my website (upper right hand corner of this page,) you’ll know when the book is ready.

(In the pic above, Asheville minstrels entertain customers outside Greenlife grocery store, ‘singing for their supper.’)

Thinking of Moving to Another State? Read My Book First….

gentle mountains blue ridge parkwayThinking of leaving your home state, to live elsewhere? (Or know someone who is?) Seek state with better municipal services…no income tax or a significantly-lower (or no) sales tax?

What do I think of living elsewhere, especially in one’s senior years? I’ll give you my unvarnished report, based on our amazing, 9-year experience living in one of America’s ‘top retirement towns’—Asheville, North Carolina.

I’ll tell you how we decided on “Where?” and how we avoided common pitfalls homebuyers in a new region make.

The beauty of my book? Any home-buyer can use this information.

Why listen to my advice? After my 30 years in teaching, I became a top-ranked realtor, earning well over 6 figures. After all, a realtor’s job is a lot like teaching—we show clients how to buy and/or sell homes.

Now, I share that knowledge with you.

But I’ll give you more, too. I’ll tell you how to choose a condo unit from a vast array; I’ll tell you the pitfalls and advantages of condo living.

But it’s not just about condo purchase (tho’ that’s what many of you will do.) I’ll tell you how we chose our geographic region–Asheville (tho’ we knew no one there and had never visited the region, before.) You can use my information for any home purchase (even one in your home state).

But I’ll also tell you what went wrong…

And I’ll offer hilarious insights as well.

Finally, I’ll tell you what might affect you, too, if you give up your home state for the lure of another….All considerations you might want to crunch in the hopper before you uproot.

You see: It’s never just about seeking a warmer climate when February’s harsh winds sink their teeth into those northern regions.

This book will be useful for any who contemplate a move or even for those who aren’t sure about staying where they went.

“The Asheville Experiment” is coming………I’ll keep you posted.

real est. ladyThe pic? Because it’s never just “about the sale.”