About Colleen

My writing is eclectic, as is evident in my Op-Eds in the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Providence Journal. Then there’s my Grandpa and the Truck children’s books, or my current book, Boomerrrang. Upon invitation, I guest-speak also.


        But I am almost always a humorist.


 My Op-Eds encouraged teachers in an ever-more-difficult career and remind readers of their childhood.


My Grandpa and the Truck children’s books, about the exciting travels of a 30 year, big-rig driver who moved households over the entire United States have been heralded by parents, teachers, Women In Trucking (WIT) and the biggest international truckers’ association, OOIDA.


In Boomerrrang, I talk about about the journey many of us make to identify our retirement home. I base it on my partner Paul’s and my 9+ years, living in one of America’s top retirement towns–Asheville. But it’s a fun and useful guide for all who plan to buy or sell a home… anywhere. So, writing about teaching….trucking….moving out of state and back again. 


In “Memories of a Milltown Girl,” I write of my growing up in one of Rhode Island’s mill towns…and what it ought me about diversity, ethnicity, and the value of hard work.


I write of heroes of the military and those in caretaker capacities.


As I said, I’m  eclectic.








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