Guest Speaker Topic:

Seniors – We’re Not “Done” Yet

A senior motivator who is thrilled to be older and enjoying opportunity to share her life experience with others, Colleen Kelly Mellor has spoken before many senior audiences in West Warwick and East Greenwich (will provide references, if need), challenging them to utilize their many-storied lives for the enrichment of others (most definitely their families).

Mellor believes that our society is far too willing to relegate seniors to back-of-the-room status. She encourages all to step out, share their stories, by telling or writing them. She is the full embodiment of what she speaks, having become a published writer and guest speaker later in life.

***By the way…see the older woman’s picture on the easel? That’s Colleen’s Mom, Doris. The two had a difficult (but loving) relationship throughout life. Now they perform together, before large and small audiences.

They’ve never gotten along better!

Colleen and Paul