“I’m a multi-genre writer: If my mill working relatives wove fabric, I weave words.”

Leaving Rhode Island?Maybe Not So Fast…


Don’t leave home before reading Boomerrrang! 


This amazing story of two Boomers who found their dream home in one of the trendiest retirement towns in America – and why they went back home. Boomerrrang is written with heart and brimming with expert advice from author, Colleen Kelly Mellor who was a successful six-figure realtor.The tips in this colorful narrative will save you thousands….  

Finally, it’s loaded with humor. You’ll laugh your way through much of it.

 As Representative Evan Shanley (Warwick, district 24) recently said: “Colleen, your book is generating buzz in the neighborhood. One woman said she and her husband were considering moving South but after reading your book, they’ve reconsidered.” 

 Then there’s Alice Gephart of Rhode Island Best’s Heritage Art Gallery in East Greenwich: “This book is the best!! My husband and I are reading it together as we are looking at a retirement/rental in the south. My husband is literally laughing out loud. Colleen’s humor and knowledge is a mix that can’t be compared.”

Shipping rates apply only in the lower 48 states. For orders elsewhere, contact Colleen at colleenkellymellor@gmail.com before ordering. Tell Colleen if you wish her to sign book. Boomerrrang is also available at Amazon and Kindle. Remember to spell Boomerrrang with 3 r’s. (Google tries to autocorrect Boomerrrang to one r!)

To purchase Boomerrrang, click button below. Book is $19.95 + $3.60 (Flat rate shipping) + tax..

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