Tues. 8/29/2017


Publish Your Life Experiences as YOU Become Your Family’s Storyteller

Tuesday, August 29
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Colleen Kelly Mellor


Did you always want to write about your experiences, whether
personal, life, or career?


How about establishing a new channel of written
communication with
grandchildren– especially those far away? The good news? While you work on your budding writing career, you’ll compile your family history, one that can pass through the ages.


And you just might become published.


In humorous examples, I show how I tapped into my
challenging and diverse life experiences to create my columns and books, a
guide others might follow.


SIGN UP AT: http://web.uri.edu/olli/summer-2017/
– http://web.uri.edu/olli/summer-2017/