Upcoming Engagements

The calendar will shortly begin filling with dates announcing my speaking engagements on my new book, Boomerrrang, for anyone in house-buying/selling mode–especially those going to other geographic regions for their dream retirement home. We wrote it so you won’t have to go through what we did. And this book will protect you from dangerous buying, as in near toxic dumps sites…Superfund sites (it’s amazing how many don’t even know about these).

I’ll even tell how to self-sell, saving you thousands. But Boomerrrang is filled with humor because first and foremost, I consider myself a humorist.

*For those of you who want to plan way ahead, I’ll be speaking to AAUW (Assoc. American University Women) on April 21st., 2018, one of a panel of three.

Other dates will be filled as soon as I know exact release date of my book, Boomerrrang.

*I hope to present, too, a workshop, for OLLI), in 2018, whereby I speak to these issues of why RI might just be the best retirement state. But that date is still up in the air. See my last year’s OLLI presentation, below.

Join me at OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at URI.  It’s only $10.00 for each session. We’ll have fun and I’ll teach you writing skills…”

Publish Your Life Experiences as You Become Your Family’s Storyteller

Date: To Be Determined

Did you always want to write about your experiences, whether personal, life, or career?

How about establishing a new channel of written communication with grandchildren– especially those far away? The good news? While you work on your budding writing career, you’ll compile your family history, one that can pass through the ages.

And you just might become published.

In humorous examples, I show how I tapped into my challenging and diverse life experiences to create my columns and books, a guide others might follow.