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Like the picture at the top of my site, some of us are late bloomers (this one’s reaching full flowering in Sept.)…It takes us quite a while to find our true purpose, but every experience layers us and makes us more complex and hopefully more empathic with others.

colleen kelly mellor at paul 70thAt 69, I’ve been honed on incredible life experiences, but nothing has affected me more than teaching…. 

As teacher, I’m pretty unique, for I’ve taught all levels of kids, from kindergarten through grade 12, in 4 different buildings in the second largest city in Rhode Island, over 3 decades (they were all elective moves). In addition, I did stints subbing in elementary school and taught women prisoners how to write.  All this makes me an “expert” of sorts.

Now, I tell my stories in monthly columns in the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Providence Journal. Is that a big deal? Most assuredly. It’s the first time a major news enterprise like the Providence Journal invites a teacher to weigh in on the debate concerning public education in America.

My columns reflect the zany, wacky world of teaching, where one hits the ground running, at the start of each new day. Then, too, they’re often about interaction with students, so they’re guaranteed to be off-the-wall, ever-changing, and often hilarious.

Career-wise, I got into the writing game later in life.  If anything, that’s made me more focused. Currently, my works appear in the Wall St. Journal, NY Times and CNN-acclaimed medical blog, kevinMD.com, as well as the Providence Journal. In addition, I write a column called “Asheville Under Glass” for the Mountain Xpress in Asheville, North Carolina.

What do I do, besides write? I speak before groups of current teachers (who need to hear what they do is important) and students who consider the profession. I also speak to people embarked on career change, for I am living proof that one can be a successful writer, later in life. 

If you’d like me to speak to your group or class, contact me at e-mail address below.

***Disclaimer: CKMellor asserts the opinions on this blog are solely hers and her work cannot be copied by others without the author’s written permission.

****Got a question or concern? E-mail me at ckmellor@cox.net.

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