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lone bare branch with undulating blue ridge mtns. in distance***Picture to right is of the Blue Ridge Mountains where, as you learn in my book, “anything can happen.”

There are a few things I know a lot about:  teaching, single parenting, living in two geologic climes and interacting with the health care industry. On all, I can—and do– provide personal witness, for they’ve all figured prominently in my life.

Two of the four see me weigh in, regularly, in two publications:  Rhode Island’s Providence Journal, where I opine (fancy word—you know we teachers like them) on educational issues, in attempts to bring readers into a real public school, in day-to-day operation and Asheville’s Mountain Xpress, where I write, as one who lives half the year, in that hip, western North Carolina region, often referred to as one of the “Most Favored Retirement Towns in America.”

Presently, I work on Patient Witness:  A Woman’s Journey to Recovery. In this, I’ll tell what happened to my husband and me four years ago, as we battled back after my husband’s devastating injury, when he was struck by a young girl, driving a truck, on a mountain road, in North Carolina.

In the hospital, he “died;” staff brought him back; and then I discovered how compromised he was. Compounding the health crisis was doctors’ reaction, as I tried to tell them he was nothing like the man he’d been before the Code Blue and anoxic period. When they dismissed me—and one even ridiculed me– I determined to fight…then write my story.

I’m hardly a medical malcontent, however, for I have far too much respect for the doctors that have enabled my husband and me to recover from health crises They’re the gold standard of what excellent medical help should be.

Now, I offer my experience to others, so that they, too, can become their own (or a loved one’s) powerful advocate. Why?  Because today you’ll need to be that…or suffer the fall-out with a system that can often appear desensitized and only interested in its financial bottom line.

In often-humorous, anecdotal snapshots, I show what interaction with the medical community taught me, through deaths of two husbands, almost-death of a third, and my own recovery from breast cancer and 5 operations. Read about my hilarious (only in retrospect) experience with an AWOL implant my gifted surgeon told me “couldn’t travel.” Chapter titles suggest the flow:  Chapter 27:  A Bungled Bunionectomy and a Botched Hand Job” and Chapter 30:   “Dueling Doctors…AWOL Implant…Why Do Doctors Gaslight Us?…Cozumel Chaos.”

Sometimes the humor is of the gallows variety.

***Sign-on to be notified when my book is ready…..Giving your name and e-mail address (which will never be shared) doesn’t qualify you for anything except notice of its publication date (in other words, it doesn’t mandate you buy the book.) I just hope you do—for your own sake.

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