Guest Speaker

Seeing Life’s Difficulties as Opportunities for Growth

With humor and empathy learned via her own challenging life, Colleen shares her views with the following audiences:

Those Suffering Life Crises


I give those dealing with difficult life situations reason to hope since my own life presented non-stop challenges.


Teachers and Teachers in Training

A champion of teachers, I’ve taught all levels of students from kindergarten through

post-secondary, women prisoners and seniors in life. My regular Op-Eds on teaching, education, and crazy life events appear in the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Providence Journal.


Those Considering Out of State Relocation


As six-figure realtor (my second career), I offer tips on buying/selling homes, showing how to maximize profit and avoid loss (Boomerrrang.) I tell how we chose our retirement home and why we returned to Rhode Island after 9+ years in one of the trendiest retirement towns in America.




Partner (a 30 year, award-winning trucker) and I present before children audiences, demonstrating our country’s vastness and quirkiness. (Children reading our Grandpa and the Truck books is a prerequisite for our guest-appearance, since students participate in the lively show.)


Strictly Seniors


Following my mantra of “We’re Not Done Yet” I challenge all 55+ to take the incredible gifts and talents acquired over a lifetime to go higher (I became a published writer much later in life.)