Tales of a Big-Rig Trucker

Grandpa and the TruckBooks 1 and 2, tell the exciting adventures of trucker “Gater” who traveled all over the United States for 30 years, moving households. Each illustrated story (two, to a book) is set in a different geographic location, reflecting the diversity of America.

“Gater” experienced a cat. 5 hurricane in Biloxi, Mississippi that ripped the roof off his motel; he witnessed a chain-of-cars accident in dense fog along a California coastal highway; he watched his partner flee from a pack of growling bloodhounds in the hills of Virginia, as he tried to get diesel fuel for the truck; he knew women truckers who could rebuild a carburetor better than any guy.

Reading experts say: “The stories are a great teaching/learning tool for kids.” One teacher” loves the questions at the end of each story, while another sees it as ”a wonderful tool to teach geography of our great country.”

And the kids? Well, they just love the big rigs and their drivers. Now, they can sit, alongside “Gater,” and share in his exciting adventures.

What kids learn:

  • Geography–from the unique perch of a cross-country trucker (in this way, kids learn other-than-GPS knowledge of our great country.)
  • Historical events (like the Woodstock Music Festival) as seen by this trucker.
  • Nature’s fury in the form of ice-slicked roads, blizzards, and hurricanes.
  • Important life lessons like “Never blindly follow another,” “Math skills are necessary in ALL jobs,” “Girls can do anything boys can do.”
  • The value in life of acquired skills and practical knowledge.
  • The unique bond truckers enjoy–fostered by an often-solitary lifestyle.