Adult Audiences

“You moved many a mind and heart in that room that night.”
Jamie McGuire
Videographer for TedTalk
“Thank you for the outstanding talk. You positively affect the lives of your audience (that was the talk from the group at lunch.) You gave us energy and courage. We laughed out loud. No one fell asleep. You connected! A good quality, very hard to achieve. You are the best. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.”
Kathleen Monahan
Leisure Learning Group, St. Luke’s, East Greenwich
“Professionalism, quality, timeliness… very entertaining and enlightening.”
Janet Noke
Learning Group, St. Luke’s, East Greenwich

Child Audiences

“I was very happy with the presentation of Grandpa and the Truck. The students were super-attentive and involved. The students kept on track and involved for the entire time and for that to happen in a space of 30 minutes with kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students is a real testament to the program. I know it is their intention to bring trucking’s importance home to students, while we teach geography…nature…American diversity…via a vehicle they love–the big rigs. I was really impressed with the presentation.”
Principal Manuel Cabral
Walter Ranger School, Tiverton, RI
“Thank you for your visit to our schools. Your presentation was an exciting blend of media that truly engaged our children. They especially enjoyed the slide show and interactive mapping activity. The students (K-2) were attentive and involved during the entire time. The presentation really demonstrated the importance of trucking to students through the use geography, nature and diversity. They love the Big Rigs. The Librarian in me really loves the non-fiction elements (Table of Contents, Glossary, Maps and Inquiry outlines) found in each of the Grandpa Stories. Thank you again for this wonderfully informative and entertaining presentation.”
Christopher Zanghi
Media Specialist for Tiverton Schools
“As an IT professional and mother of two young children, I have seen many multi-media presentations and presentations targeted to children. I attended the Grandpa and the Truck presentation at Ranger school and was very impressed with Ms. Mellor’s ability to engage the children with the subject of trucking via a range of music, images, and educational visual aids. The presentation not only informed the students about trucking and the role it plays in our everyday lives and economy, but also geography, weather, and communication. The children were excited about the subject and responded to Ms. Mellor’s questions eagerly. I think the Grandpa and the Truck books are a great way to incorporate core educational concepts with engaging stories.”
Michelle Loxley
Programmer/Database Manager, Brown University Institute for Community Promotion and International Health