“… offers a wealth of information for caregivers,”
while “the mixture of prose and poetry is refreshing,”
Neurologist Dr. Norman Gordon
“… will be required reading for new medical students …(it provides) an immersive experience to help all understand
the difficult role of the caregiver.”
Dr. Benjamin Lichtenfels

You’re on a new journey as Caregiver—or maybe you’ve been on it for a while. Maybe you’re one of those wonderfully astute medical professionals who wants to understand cognitive disorders from a caregiver’s perspective. How refreshing!

     Because this journey is way more than you signed on for, you couldn’t possibly know the physical, psychological, and emotional demands caregiving requires. Caregivers wonder: “How am I going to keep doing this?”

Az and Me: A Partner’s Journey with Alzheimer’s provides a rare window on the world of a Caregiver. In prose, poetry and with practical tips, author Colleen Kelly Mellor, who has walked this path for over 10 years, shares snapshots of her and her husband’s life… the challenges encountered… the practical suggestions employed.

Caregivers and others weigh in with positive insights – all stitched together with humor and woven around the author-caregiver’s own experiences.

In the end, Az and Me…is a love story, detailing how one couple finds joy and a way to survive and even thrive in the face of this debilitating disease.