A Note to Readers….

leg art--ashevilleDoes Asheville as Retirement Town deserve its star billing? In short, does it really have a leg up on its competition?

I know…all the talk about West Warwick on this site might almost get you to think I’m not writing about my husband’s and my experience, living in Asheville for past nine years.

But I am.

At present, I complete “The Asheville Experiment,” the book about us–a couple from Rhode Island, living five months of every year in a sweet Southern town chuck full of promise.

That’s what we thought…

It didn’t quite work out that way, however. And I write why.

In this book, I write about out-of-state home-buying; what you need watch out for; the pitfalls of condo ownership, anywhere (they call them townhomes there), lawyers… I tell you how to make good selection, what you need watch out for…Toxic dumps sites….But I lace my accounts with humor. In short, I tell you all the stuff you won’t think of….all the stuff I know is really important.

Remember, I was successful realtor.

Why else will this book be important? I’ve talked to several others who had a similar experience–They loved their new community in the beginning, but ultimately they got disenchanted, sold, and moved “home.”

No one talks about this….so I feel pretty confident I’ll be the first.

But make no mistake:  This book is not just for those moving to Asheville. It just helps that Asheville is ALWAYS one of the top 10 retirement towns in America (no. 1 or 2.)

Some of you have already told me to reserve a copy of “The Asheville Experiment,” and I greatly appreciate.

For all–I will post updates, periodically, to let you know how close I am to completion.

across the steet on Hamburg Mtn rd.Below is a pastoral scene across the street from our townhome community. Of course, this property could be sold and a Walmart could move in at any time.

Just something you should know…..

If you don’t need what I talk about in this book, consider getting it for somebody who might–It’ll help them make good decisions in home buying– anywhere– and much of it is just good fun.

It’s the story about how Paul and I searched up and down the East coast of America, for many years, finally settled on Asheville, NC, and found out, ultimately, it wasn’t for us.

The why’s are important–as are the why not’s.

Perhaps our story is yours, too.