Best in America–Again!

Asheville Makes the Cut Again!country bear jamboree outside greenlife grocery

It’s not surprising, for Paul and I chose it over a host of others and we spent years in the process, searching…searching…searching.

In fact, we traveled the entire eastern seaboard, checking out communities, most of which were dedicated to boating or golfing. Since we do neither, we eliminated those.

Oh, they were beautiful and offered seemingly endless amenities and they all had the quintessential guard shack to keep others out (as in ‘gated community,’) but we also knew that that same community could become insulated and homogeneous–not always good.

We were so concerned about coastal hurricanes, high taxes, and escalating insurance rates that we opted to go inland.

That brought us to the community of Asheville, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For 9 years we lived there, from early January to June of each year, making friends, doing volunteer work (I taught at the downtown women’s jail and he ferried the blood supply to Charlotte.)

In the end, we left.

Our reasons are some you may never have considered…..

But ‘consider’ you should, for moving one’s life to another entire region is no easy process.

In my book, “The Asheville Experiment” I show how we made the decision (apparently it was a good one since Forbes agrees with our pick), how we assimilated into that new land, and what ultimately drove us back.

What else will you or others get from my book? Useful information for anyone moving anywhere (even in-state.)

It’ll also be an interesting read for there’s lots of humor in it, as well.

Here’s the link of 2015’s “Best Retirement Towns in America.”

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(In the pic above, Asheville minstrels entertain customers outside Greenlife grocery store, ‘singing for their supper.’)