My Personal Invitation to You


kent county times pic of st mary'scolleen and john--may procession--croppedMy stories are ones that will echo your own memories—all the more if you were raised in a milltown in Rhode Island. If you weren’t one of those fortunate ones (I say with a wink), perhaps my stories will reflect your experiences of being raised in the 40’s through early 60’s.

This past Saturday, I began being featured in my hometown newspaper, the Kent County Daily Times. I’m happy to report (through others who have told me): It’s had blockbuster sales. Am I being arrogant? Not at all…I’m just thrilled that little ol’ West Warwick will be getting some long-overdue positive press.

I intend to provide that.

So, I start the journey through my childhood…the memories of many of us…and I invite you to join (sign up on this website in upper right hand corner.)

If you’re younger, you just might want to understand your roots…which are deep and impressive.

So, here are the articles appearing in Kent County Daily Times:

April 30, 2016—“Walking Back Into Childhood” series…first article:  “Memories come flooding back…” (already on stands but sales have been robust.)

May 8th. “Poles Were ‘Fancy People’ “

May 15th. “The Principal’s Daughter”

P.S.  At the same time, I will continue as monthly commentator in the Providence Journal Op-Ed pages and I will be appearing in many venues as guest-speaker (I’ll put that schedule out, too, as it firms up.)

Busy times ahead and I am loving it, for I have heard from many of you who appreciate my efforts.

Thank you so very much….

Colleen Kelly Mellor