New Talk in an Antique Building

Reviews of Our Talks and My Book, “Boomerrrang,” Are Wonderful!!

The main review is in–from their person who lines up guest speakers for the Tavern Hall Preservation Society, in Kingston, RI. His is an important review since I have followed some RI notables who came before this group (judges, college presidents, etc.) I’m loving my new life. Remember–Use contact form on this site if you’d like me to speak before your group. Last PM was my 9th, ranging from 100+ to as few as 10. But ALL were wonderful! So, don’t let the smaller size of your group dissuade you, either. 

Elisha R. Reynolds House / Store, 1738

Last evening, your presentation covering your personal experiences in searching for retirement place laced with humorous incidents was great and well received by Tavern Hall Preservation Society members. This was evident from the interactions through the talk. Also, you made good and practical suggestions for those planning to move at some point although many seem to like RI to stay put. Those who bought your book Boomerrrang will get a nice kick out of reading it. I thank you on behalf of our society for an enjoyable and informative evening.

Thank you,

In another instance, State Rep from Warwick, Evan Shanley (who is campaigning for his second stint in the Rhode Island Legislature, House district 24, recently told me: “Colleen, your book Boomerrrang, is creating a buzz in the neighborhoods. While canvassing, I recently spoke to a constituent who told me that she and her husband were going to move out of Rhode Island, but after reading your book, they have put their plans on ‘hold.'”

This is all music to my ears:  I want folks to pause…reconsider…don’t do anything rash…for had we sold our Rhode Island home, for a permanent move to the South, we would have regretted it, forever. 

Finally, Jane Atwood, of Warwick, said, upon reading Boomerrrang: “Colleen, thank you for giving me a fresh perspective on Rhode Island, seeing it in other ways. I never thought of some of the things that you mentioned. Now I appreciate Rhode island that much more.”

Now, I invite all others to contact me, either e-mail me at or PM me (Colleen Kelly Mellor) if you’re on Facebook. In future weeks, I’ll be speaking at the Bristol Farm in November (I’ll post as we get closer) and the RI Aeronautic Hall of Fame, at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet. In the meantime, if you wish to buy my book, Boomerrrang, or my children’s trucker books, Grandpa and the Truck (which are getting a serious bump-up of interest), you can buy at any of the links on this site (they are all run by me, so I will follow your “special instructions” too regarding autographing and personalizing.) That can’t be done, if you buy through Amazon.