Notable West Warwick People in All Walks of Life…

Sports is what most people associate West Warwick with. They know of legendary football player-turned-coach, Monk Maznicki or professional baseball catcher, Mike Roarke.

But most don’t know other ‘greats’ from West Warwick who continue to inspire.

Bill Gadoury attempts to give closure to families of America’s MIA’s. Today, he works for the US Embassy in Laos and is interpreter for heads of state, like John Kerry and John McCain. Below, Gadoury (in his younger years,) is seen working with a recovery team, as they comb the jungles of Laos for those still missing.     gadoury

Dr. Lawrence Porter is professor, author, and former Dean of students at Seton Hall. As eminent scholar, “Larry” was sent to China as the Holy See’s representative, along with the head rabbi of NYC and the top Protestant minister of North America. porter, larry

James Miller lives in Brooklin, Maine, where he’s General Manager and publisher of “Wooden Boat magazine,” a position he’s held since 1984.  miller james

Mike Clarke learned Spanish and took his drummer talent to blistering heights, by becoming ‘substitute drummer’ for international singer Jose Feliziano (of “Feliz Navidad” fame.) Now, Clarke (to the right of Jose) travels worldwide, as drummer, appearing in impressive concert venues.clark, john--jose feliciano

Dr. John Kelly, former Wizard star athlete, graduated from Brown University and then Yale Medical School. He went on to serve many years as chief neurologist at George Washington University Hospital. An ALS center was recently named for him.kelly john

Ann Hood, current resident of Providence, is author of eight novels and a short-story collection.  Her work has appeared in such periodicals as Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, Ladies Home Journal, and The Paris Review.hood ann

Major General Reginald Centracchio was Commanding General of the Rhode Island National Guard who oversaw training, equipping, and deployment of 3,500 troops in support of Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.Centracchio

Alice Gibney presides as PresidingJustice of the RI Superior Court and is one of the first women appointed to that court. She led the court’s mediation program for fourteen years.gibney alice

The above are an eclectic mix… just like the town (West Warwick) that produced them.

But it’s well-nigh time others got journalistic focus and I’d like to give them that.

With that, I ask you readers to recommend others raised in this town who’ve gone on to most productive lives. They don’t need to be famous. Examples are:  the teen who works several jobs to help contribute, financially, to his family; the young child dealing bravely with a devastating disease; the mother who started another career in her 50’s because she hated the mind-numbing job she had; the older man who devoted his senior years to serving the less fortunate; the long-haul trucker who’s driven his Harley motorcycle cross-country; the West Warwick teacher who tutors struggling students “free” after school  every day.

Consider these folks like CNN Heroes– only they’re Kent County People (West Warwick or Coventry-ites who’ve moved away are eligible, too.) You can even suggest yourself.

What will they have in common? Their lives are inspirational.

I’ll flesh them out (with their permission, of course) and make them come alive.

These people are the real ‘fabric’ of West Warwick.

Email me at with “Kent County People” in subject line and tell me why you think your candidate deserves attention.

Be brave—Drop me a line.