Vets’ Families Leave the Benefits Behind

Did you know that 58% of all vet families do not apply for—or get—death benefits for their deceased veteran? (A situation I hope to change in “Az and Me: A Partner’s Journey with Alzheimer’s” bc I offer all sorts of tips to families on ALL topics (not just military). ***Many of my generation (70-95+) were…

Don’t Let Them Tell You (Caregivers) Otherwise:
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Don’t Let Them Tell You (Caregivers) Otherwise:

A Caregiver’s First Duty and Commitment  Reflecting over this past year, I am mindful of how very fortunate Paul and I have been. My decision to place Paul in a long-term care facility was a wrenching one; I was so very afraid; I wanted him safe but I didn’t want him staring at institutional walls…