Why Did We Return to RI, After Living in the South?

They (the naysayers, that is) can say what they wish about Rhode Island but we who have traveled and lived elsewhere know our little state is where we want to be…for perpetuity (my ashes will be tossed—elegantly, I hope, off Rhode Island waters, while he’ll be ceremoniously interred in Veterans’ Cemetery.) 

For many years, we’ve lived in the Cowesett section of Warwick, whose delightful stone walls and expanses of tree-studded lawns, run along, right up the hill from Main St. East Greenwich. In other words, we’re a stone’s throw from coffee shops…restaurants… a perfectly fine grocery store, even a shoe cobbler, for God’s sake. Not every town in Rhode Island has a town center for gathering (note that—does yours?).

If we wish to go to another favored destination, we can easily jump on the main connector, route 95, to Mystic, in Connecticut (38 mins away), while lovely Little Compton is 45 mins. in another direction.

As Rhode Islanders in every season, we enjoy estuaries, salt marshes (I love how the tall sea grasses turn a pinkish hue in fall)… We ride the back roads to discover houses we’ve never seen before…houses that delight for their individuality. I shoot photos of these. They needn’t be impressive, size-wise…just unique.

Then we top off our quest with a gustatory delight at our favorite ice cream store, next door to the diner in Nowhere, Exeter. They serve our most preferred—Gifford’s maple walnut (can’t even get it in most of the South.) We’ve studied each of these dairy emporiums. Some we find too chalky…some too sweet…Even one in nearby Connecticut (yes, we cross borders) actually loads too nuts in the ice cream. We look for a perfect balance…

A close second in quality and price is Clementine’s on Main St. East Greenwich (we also like the 3 year owner/operator Warren). Clementine was their cherished dog whose picture graces one wall of the interior.

So… quaint towns…marshes…proximity of all we love…ice cream gustatory delights (and we’ve sampled them ALL) to top it off. Our needs are simple. 

These are just some of the reasons we came back “home.”

Boomerrrang: Book/Guest Speaking Reviews Coming In

Caleb Woodhouse,from Rhode Island, writes:

“Boomerrrang! What a great read. I am all admiration for your knowledge, your readiness to learn, your resourcefulness, and your great spunk…There’s loads of wisdom for me to gather about moving (if ever I should try), but I assure you I’ll not be a do-it-yourselfer.

***I appreciate his appreciation of the difficulty of being a realtor.

Beverly Clark of AAUW (American Association of University Women) who ran the recent Annual Authors’ Luncheon at Atlantic Resort in Middletown says:

“We all enjoyed your talk about your adventures… You had the audience in the palm of your hand…and shared your adventures so wittily….(You) added much humor to the afternoon.”

Phil Smith, former neighbor in Hamburg Crossing, North Carolina says:

“I finished your book. It was hard to put down. I sure enjoyed the book.”

The following is from an Ex-Pat Rhode Islander, weighing in on my mass emails:

Deedra Durocher lives in New Bern, NC, (husband considered living in Bat Cave, a town in North Carolina, because he thought it amusing for others to get mail from them there.) She likes Bern but misses Rhode Island’s chowdah and clamcakes, Del’s, Benny’s (but everyone does), NY System wieners, and especially misses being close to the ocean’s smells, sounds, and calming influence. (I get it, Deedra, I surely do.)

Dick Weaver of Asheville writes:

“Thank you for your book, Boomerrrang, Colleen. Both entertaining and thought-provoking. Love your style of writing like speaking from your heart.”

Cal Ellis of Rhode Island says:

“You are the epitome of competent, accomplished versatility. I do enjoy your wit and engaging articulation. Wishing you continued success with your speaking engagements and all the other ways you’re out in front.”

Alice and Rick Gebhart of Rhode Island say:

“This book is the best! My husband and I are reading it together as we are looking at a retirement/rental in the South. We came upon this book and can’t put it down. My husband is literally laughing out loud. Colleen’s humor and knowledge is a mix that can’t be compared.”

Christine Fitzgerald says:

“Book is filled with nuggets of useful information concerning buying and selling real estate…in a slew of very funny stories…some knee-slapping hysterical.”

Sharon and Rick Marcotte of Maine offer:

“Mellor offers a crash course in valuable information regarding realty transactions that you really want to know if you are considering this kind of a move.”

Diane D. offers:

“Fun read about the pitfalls author and her partner encountered while buying a retirement house in North Carolina. So descriptive, the reader will actually think they visited North Carolina! Recommended!!!”

What seems to be the common thread reaction? Folks love the HUMOR…HUMOR…HUMOR in Boomerrrang (and the helpful advice).

Please–Feel free to add your own review….Thank you! And contact me for guest speaking before your group. We WILL have fun!!!

So, buy Boomerrrang, here, on this website (there’s a pay link and if you click on it, it gives you choices as to Paypal or credit card); or at Amazon (book version or Kindle); or at Barrington Books in Barrington or Garden City, Cranston; or at Savoy Bookstore in Westerly.