Grandpa and the Truck Books Meet Common Core Standards

fleet of trucks--grandpa and the truck

The really exciting news? Our Grandpa and the Truck books are recognized by schools and teachers who say “Grandpa and the Truck” books align with Common Core. As 30 year, successful teacher, I wasn’t really surprised. Many of us always used the principles of Common Core, in teaching; it’s just that now, those principles are codified.

Why’d I write this series (2 books published now, with more to come)? Because no one else had done it. Read that:  No one ever wrote a series for kids that tracks the thrilling adventures of a long-haul trucker, as he travels across America.

Why’d this fact gobsmack me? Because  trucks are the perfect vehicle to teach kids important information. Anyone who’s ever witnessed trash day in the neighborhood knows that little ones wait excitedly by the windows to catch a glimpse of the garbage truck in action. When the compressor jaws close, they squeal in delight…and those truckers repay the children for their loyalty by honking at them.

Why else did I write this series? Today, children only seem to know our great nation in terms of  tech devices–TV and what a GPS device tells them. We aim to change that. We’ll bring them up to different regions of our great land, letting them know the different personalities of the states through which our big rig passes. In addition, they’ll witness major historical events through the eyes of a trucker.

They’ll learn trucker lingo (the words and phrases we can share!)…and important life lessons (like why “it’s not always wise to follow the leader”); they’ll learn of the special bond between a big rig driver and his truck (they pretty them up and name them); they’ll learn of the unique, often-solitary life of the men and women who drive thousands of miles across America in snow, sleet, ice (and even a hurricane), to bring to us the products we use every day.

It’s a story that’s never been told. Our hero is a 30 year, career big rig driver, born in the back woods of Arkansas but transplanted to Rhode Island. He was a career soldier who built bridges, hospitals, and schools, in the United States and later, in other lands, where he led his National Guard unit. Throughout it all, he was the consummate trucker. And because he was named to Atlas Van Lines’s Elite Fleet of drivers (for a spotless driving record, over many years), he makes a perfect model trucker.

His big rig’s pretty cool, too. Together, he and”Proud Mary” (his truck) travel millions of miles, all across America….

So, hop onto the seat along with Grandpa as we tell you his tales of trucking. And if you want a special visit to your classroom, let us know that, too. We’re beginning to test-drive Grandpa and the Truck books to select elementary school audiences…

See what we offer and buy the books for holiday gift-giving, those countless birthday gifts you need presents for (we sign and personalize, so this gift is “special” indeed). We’re at… present--books

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