Expect There’ll Be Reaction….But I Never Know From Where…

I’ve always pretty much gotten notice, for either being one of the tallest women in the room (at 5’9”)….having former “kids” recognize me in super markets or at the Mall, and now, from folks who read my Op-Ed’s in the newspaper.
All have brought forth interesting reactions. When some of my former students comment “You haven’t changed much at all,” I answer: “You mean, I looked 69 when I taught you?” We all laugh.
On the other hand, they’ve changed a great deal from the adolescent youngsters I knew. Now they’re adults, with their own kids.
But my interaction with readers, lately, is what I find so interesting.
Yesterday, husband and I had lunch where we often do, at a local spot where we go to get good soup. It’s a break I afford myself each day, after several hours of writing.
Another “frequent eater” was there, one I’d seen, often, before. We nodded and I shared the fact that this place reminds me of Cheers where ‘everyone knows your name’ (I didn’t know how wrong I’d be.)
As we talked, I asked what she’d done, for a career, and she told me she’d worked in NYC for many years, in the high fashion industry. It made sense: I’d always seen her as attractive and stylish. Apparently, she’d remained single for well into her late 30’s, when she left the business world to marry. I told her I thought that career switch from NYC excitement to Rhode Island wife had to be daunting.
Here’s the fun part: When I proceeded to introduce myself, she said: “Oh, I know who you are…I read your column all the time. You’re a very good writer.”
Then, the punchline. She added: “You’re Sally Mellor.”
Well, I gotta say: I laughed, as I gently corrected the woman: “No, Sally Mellor is a realtor in town. I’m Colleen Kelly Mellor.”…But I can see how you’d make that mistake, with us both having the same last name.
So, here’s the take-away. I never know how or where I impact, but it’s fun, getting this public reaction.
Of course, if readers don’t like my writing style, I allow them to continue being confused, as to my true identity…

My eating spot doesn’t have to be like Cheers….really.