Self-Selling Your Home?-There’s a Name for That (Besides Crazy!)

Last week I was in a small supermarket (oxymoron?) in Wickford, Rhode Island, when a young woman called out: “Hello, Colleen…I’m Kerry (last name I omit). You helped my husband and me buy a home some years ago.”

We hugged and chatted; she told me they’d sold that home and bought a new one in North Kingstown. Then she asked what I was doing (because she knew I’d left my highly successful real estate career after 8 years). I told her I was writing, publishing books, and guest speaking. I also told her I was intent on helping change Rhode islanders’ attitude regarding their own state because we have a bad habit of self-sabotaging. Then I added that I was excited because I was going to be interviewed by Dan Yorke on his television show “State of Mind” the next day.

At that very moment, a woman in quest of a tub of ice cream in the freezer behind us overheard, snapped around, and interjected: “Dan Yorke? I LOVE his show.” Now, the 3 of us began talking, literally creating a traffic jam in the aisle. She’s going to wait and watch for the program with me as guest (they’re taping it for future showing.) 

Below is that actual taping of my appearance on the Dan Yorke show. At this date, I’ve spoken before 10 audiences on my book, Boomerrrang; I did a radio guest shot with Frank Prosnitz, in Westerly; and now this TV appearance. I’ll start my own Podcast soon where I’ll interview former students and weigh in on a host of issues. My topics will be varied and provide useful life tips–things I wish someone had told me. At times, I’ll have a partner in podcasting–a younger woman and I’ll bring on a variety of guests–former students I’ve had who now have exciting careers or lives, in their own right. 

Feel free to comment and offer suggestions. After watching the tape, see if you can answer the following, in the Comments section:  What is the most serious hurdle facing people who self-sell their homes? Do you recall what realtors call self-sellers? (Clue–It’s a weird amalgamation of letters, representing words.)

And to see my on Dan Yorke’s “State of Mind” click on this link.